Age of Attrition is going strong and we have a lot of results to show for it! You can look below to find some of the cool things each of our teams have accomplished in the first few weeks of development:


Art team has drawn up concept art for our main characters, the background, and part of the UI, and they’ve even finished the coloring for one of the characters! Check out some of their work here!


Sound team has been as prolific as ever with both the music for the game and the sound effects. This game provides them an especially good opportunity to make as much as they want, so we’re hoping to see a lot from them in the end!

Click here to check out one of the songs! And if you want to hear the rest of them when they’re finished, you’ll probably be able to on our SoundCloud!


Design team has drafted out the game flow and picked the specific game mechanics they want. They’ve established a format for creating choices for the player to make about their resources, and are currently working on over 60 unique events for the player to respond to!

If you want to see some of the scenarios, come to one of our club meetings!


Programming team has been coding up the backbone of our own “engine” so to speak; they’ve finished the UI elements that the player will use to make decisions as well as some of the structures needed to run the game and store its state.

If you find yourself wanting to contribute to the game or just learn more about game development, please visit the club! We’re always open to newcomers and we would love to have you check us out, so don’t hesitate to stop by.

Also, if you’re curious about anything or have some questions that need answering, shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to oblige!