Fall 2016 Game Jam wrapup

Simulating firetrucks and jumping on bombs

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the VGDC Game Jam last weekend! We all had a blast learning how to make games, and there were actually quite a few that got finished!

If you participated in the Game Jam but haven’t finished your game yet, no worries! Feel free to keep working on it and then send it in to us at this email or to @caleb on the Slack if you want to put it on our site or show it off during club.

Tonight we’re going to be showing off all of the games that were finished and talk about how the development process went, what we learned, and what we enjoyed about it all. If you’re at the meeting and you made a game, we’ll ask you to present it with whoever you worked on it with so you can talk us through how you came up with the idea and what the process was like. If you can’t make it to the meeting but still send in your game, one of the officers will show off your game for you!

We’re also posting your games to this Google Drive folder, along with the rest of the club’s games. We’re still getting some of our new games on there, so please be patient with us as we update it. We would put them on our site, but we’re currently transitioning to a new host.

The Semester Project begins…

…almost. We’re actually now taking proposals, starting tonight! If you have a game idea you want to propose, then fill out the Game Proposal Document and send it to us via email or Slack! (please don’t write it by hand then take a pic…)

We’ll have time tonight and Thursday for people to present their game ideas in person. Otherwise, we’ll also have a “grand list of game ideas” where we’ll put all of the proposals, and once voting starts, we’ll use that to pick our game.

Also, if you made a game for the Game Jam and think it might be good to expand into a bigger project, you can use that for your proposal, too! In fact, that might give you a better chance of getting your game picked, since we’ll have a prototype to get an idea off of!

Here’s our Fall 2014 semester project, Moribund. It’s hosted on our site, so give it a try if you want to see what kind of game we could make!

Paint the Bridge and a CSE Fair

We have a couple of events this week, and we invite you to join us for them! This Thursday, Paint the Bridge starts for all student groups at the U. We’re hoping to claim our squares early but still working out the details for when we’ll be painting them, so if you’re interested in helping out, keep an eye out for a Slack announcement.

The CSE Fall Student Group Fair is also this Friday from 10am to 2pm at the Amundson Hall plaza. We’ll be showing off all of our cool Game Jam games there and competing to get “best hands-on display”! If you’re interested in being a part of that, email us or send a message to @caleb on Slack (or just show up, that works too!).