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Hey everyone! Tonight we’re going to talk about scope, or the scale of a project, and how to prevent it from getting out of hand. There are a lot of examples of this happening in the industry, with a certain space exploration game that will remain unnamed taking the cake recently.

One of the most iconic examples of this in the game development industry is Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios. While they hit massive success with the second game in their Fable franchise, in recent years they were riddled with problems and eventually shut down at the end of April of this year. There’s a cool article that details the story of Lionhead Studios if you want to check it out, but be warned: at a whopping 20,000 words, it technically qualifies as a novella.

This is actually a really important topic, since it’s leads to a foundation of completing games. If you’re on the edge about attending, I highly recommend you come (and if you’re reading this after-the-fact, check out the presentation in our Learning section!). Here’s a TED Talk to get you motivated (or to stop you from getting unmotivated).