2016 Game Jam Promotion

Send an email to vgdc@umn.edu if you’re planning on attending! We’re taking admissions at meetings and at the door, $10 for everyone.

The VGDC Game Jam will take place this weekend at Glitch HQ at 1829 Riverside Avenue Suite 200! From 12pm to 2am on Saturday and 12pm to 5pm on Sunday, we’re all going over to West Bank where the Glitch headquarters are stationed and spending some time making games.

The theme of the Game Jam is currently a secret…but we’ll let everyone know once it starts! (We’ll also post it to the website for those who can’t attend the event)

Tutorials & Teams & Tips…Oh My!

For the first couple of hours, we’ll be giving tutorials using the following software:

Then it’s off to the races! Everyone will form small teams (or you can work on your own, if you’re experienced) and we’ll hack away at our games until Sunday evening. Make sure to bring a laptop if you have one!

Lunch and dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and snacks over the course of the event will be included in the admission price of $10. For those of you concerned with your valuables or going around late at night, we are allowed to leave our things in the HQ over Saturday night and we will be having “escort parties” help everyone who stays out late get home.
Just to be clear, making a game for the Game Jam isn’t exclusive to people attending the event; anybody can make one and show it off at our meeting on the following Monday. But being at the event will allow you to group up with others and utilize resources you won’t be able to get elsewhere, like experienced musicians and developers to help you with your game.

The Goods

We’ve got a nice list of resources and software that you can use to make your game. Please keep in mind that if you use free resources made by someone else, you have to credit them!

Please download whatever software you plan on using before the Game Jam. That’ll ease up on the wi-fi at the venue.


3D Modeling

Sound Effects


Game Engines

Game Design

Project Management

  • GitHub (there’s a UMN version that you can sign into using your x500 and U password)
    • Check out this doc on installing and using GitHub Desktop
  • Trello
  • Slack (ask us to help you sign up on the VGDC one at a meeting or the event!)
  • GanttProject (you probably shouldn’t be using this one here…)


  • Alpaca Engine (point-and-click adventure games)
  • Twine (non-linear interactive stories)
  • Ren’Py (visual novels)
    • Revised is a graphic user interface for Ren’Py, but it doesn’t have all the features yet

Free Resources

Knock yourselves out! I highly recommend you at least fiddle around with some of these before this weekend so you’re not flying blind from the start.