We counted, and 50 new students attended our first meeting last night! What an awesome turnout! Everyone seemed to enjoy what we had planned for the night, too.

If you missed the meeting and want to catch up on the fun, we have just the thing for you here on this site. You can make your way over to our Learning section to find the presentation that was given for that meeting, and you can read further into this post for some specifics.


Essentially, we’re very open to students just checking us out and taking an undecided stance on whether or not they want to commit more time to the club. We understand that academics and careers come before hobbies, and so we allow anyone to just come by our meetings regardless of if they can make any contributions or of their experience level.

If you do want to get more involved, we’re also willing to guide you along the way. We have several experienced artists, musicians, programmers, modelers, and game designers, and we’d love to take up a new skill to help you learn it. Want to make your own game engine? Let’s try something out! Interested in voice acting and audio production? We’ll help set you up with what you need to get into it.

We have two big things to look forward to this semester: the VGDC Game Jam and the Semester Project. I’m hoping to make another post for the VGDC Game Jam, but it’s basically an event we’re holding over the weekend of Sept. 24th and 25th to give anyone interested a chance to make a game in a small group! No experience required, and food and drinks are included in the $10 admission price. The event is going to be held at Glitch HQ on the West Bank of campus, from 12pm – 2am on Saturday and 12pm – 5pm on Sunday (we’ve found that nobody is interested in sticking around all night anyways). Bring a laptop if you have one (there might be one or two available there, but no promises!) and we can leave stuff there overnight too.

The Semester Project is a game that the club works on as a whole, and is a good learning experience for those interested in strengthening their skills in development. Game idea proposals will start after the Game Jam, and anyone can propose an idea. We’ll be posting more information about it as it comes up.


We hope to see more people at our Thursday meeting this week, where we’ll be having our different development teams demonstrate their work for the club and answer specific questions people might have for them!