Humble GameMaker Bundle

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A lot of game engines are beasts tamable by only the most agile programmers, but there are a small few that require no programming at all. GameMaker: Studio is one of the best drag-and-drop game engines out there, and it actually has a free license option for those who’d like to try it out!

We here at VGDC don’t strictly endorse HumbleBundle (as awesome as it might be), but this offer is particularly juicy. This bundle gives you a $150 piece of software (along with some neat games) for just $1! And while the modules being sold in the higher tiers might not be as useful (but normally $300 each!), the game source code being offered is a great opportunity to learn some game programming that’s actually used in industry products!

This is a limited time offer for 2 weeks, so feel free to give GameMaker: Studio a try first, then decide later if it’s worth a buck!