There’s been a long silence since the last update! Fortunately, a lot of ground has been covered.

2016-08-15 FeatImage

Wait! This isn’t the Scooby-Doo gang!

For one, our groups work splendidly now! In fact, they can even go into rooms and explore it all at the same time. This was a particularly messy feature to fix up, but now that it works, we can move onto bigger and better things!

2016-08-15 armors

Spooky ghost hiding in the stairwell…

Traps are also being (slowly but surely) implemented. Right now, all of their placements have been corrected and some of them even have fancy sprites! (notice the two handsome armored men guarding the staircase above)

None of them do anything as of yet, but they’re up next on the docket.

You can also see in the above image that sprite layering is in full force now. The walls don’t usually layer, but everything else does! So now you’ll know exactly where you stand around objects.

2016-08-15 Level layering

Stackable walls!

This one is small but took a lot of work redoing a bunch of the mansion assets. The walls now follow proper physics and stack up on top of each other! This also means that you can see characters walking up and down the stairs from any relevant floor, too.

Oh, and there’s one more thing…

Before you had enough time to make some Hot Pockets…

Loading times have been DECIMATED. No more waiting 10 seconds every time you want to test out a simple mechanic!

Hopefully there will be more good news in the near future! For now, I have to sniff out the browser problems I found while I was making this very post…