Elections are over and here are our new officers for the 2016-2017 school year

  • President: Caleb Biasco
  • Vice President: Meghan Jonas
  • Treasurer: Erik Nystul
  • Secretary: David Nickel
  • Publicity Director: Charlie Mackin
  • Webmaster: Sam Fritton

Our new treasurer and publicity director are having an end of year gaming party Friday May 6th. Find out more info here!

Since I am stepping down as president, I want to leave some final words in hopes someone will find use in them.

For the duration of my presidency I have been dealing with some overwhelming personal matters. It has rendered my mind cloudy, my memory impaired, and my body worn and tired. Becoming president was very sudden, and I was not in the position to take it and do the job properly. But there was no one else to do so. As a result, I had difficulties doing what needed to be done. Despite that, as much effort as I could muster went towards the club as it is one of the best things in my life. Through that effort I was rewarded by seeing the club grow to the largest it has been.

To those struggling in life, whether it be mental, social, emotional, physical, or something else, you can overcome. You will need to push forward whenever you can. Even if you are collapsed to the ground too afraid and weak to stand, drag yourself an inch. And I know small strides aren’t always achievable. When you have to stop, remember it is a stop to regain strength and not an end. No matter what happens, do not give up and one day you will see brighter skies.

On a final note, my decision to not run was because I could see the talent and passion of our members and realized new blood can take the club to new heights. Everyone that ran for officers has the potential to do great things and I want to see everyone realize that potential. Although I will return next semester, my involvement will decrease as I am pursuing creating a gamedev company to help myself and hopefully every game developer in Minnesota. So to the new officers and to every member for this bizarre family known as the VGDC, I wish you the best of luck with all future endeavors.

Game on everyone