Floor 2 Both

It was brought to my attention that the semester is drawing to a close. The last day of classes is May 6th which means the last day of VGDC is Monday May 2th. On this day will be the end of the semester party.

Today will be an officer presentation on tutorial design. Next Monday will be the final officer presentation on multiplayer design. In addition, next Monday and Thursday will have post mortem’s for the semester and the project. Each day will focus on the atmosphere of that particular day as both are run very differently. This means the project technically ends Thursday April 28th. However, I will continue development once the semester ends.

There is also an important club matter to take care of. There will need to be officer elections for next year. Seven positions are available next year described as follows. Respond back for which position you want to run for.

  • President – In charge of leading meetings. Main contact and diplomat to other groups
  • Vice President – Assist the president with tasks and takes over roles from other officers they can’t fufill
  • Treasurer – Manage the club’s finances
  • Publicity Director – Post on social meda and promote the club
  • Secretary – Take meeting notes and keep track of attendence
  • Webmaster – Oversee development of the website and make sure content is posted including presentations and club updates
  • Advisor – In charge of providing advice to the rest of the officers

The new position Advisor was created by me and will be the one I run for. I will only be around one more semester and rather than become president and drop midway through the year, I would rather help the new set of officers be able to effectively run the club when I am gone.

Have fun with the end of semester crunch