This semester we have three game proposals.

The first is Detective Blue and the Case of the Vanishing Elephant. It is an 2D puzzle-platformer where you play Detective Blue working an interesting case. With Overworld Mode and Investigation Mode, you get a mix of silly sleuthing and intense puzzle-platforming! It’s up to you to find the culprit!

The second has a Pending Title.  The player is an assistant to an anthropologist.  The game takes place long after the rise of machine intelligence: human life has been managed by robots for so long that they forgot they created robots and not the other way around. The player needs to move around to find “relics”in order to find out more about the world.

The last is Project Last Night. In the game you play as ghost that must kill 8 dumb teens that entered your home. Frighten them until they are susceptible to be slain by various traps around the manor. However, you have until dawn to kill everyone and the survivors might even fight back.

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