Today during out meeting at 5:30 we will start a design jam. The goal for this is to make a game design document by Monday. How to make one will be covered in today’s meeting. To help, I will link a template found on Reddit and an example one from last fall’s game. There is no theme and the implementation details like programming classes and a comprehensive asset list from the template aren’t required. Scale of the game doesn’t matter as long as it is well done but if it is of a reasonable, AKA small, scope it can be proposed for the group project.

One week from today will be our Welcome Party. It will be a relaxed event where we will play games and eat food that probably isn’t healthy. The party will be in our normal room.

Also a quick website update, WordPress released an update which fixed the password reset bug and you can now get a shiny new password. Don’t use “shiny new password” as your password though.