Sadly the semester has begun. On the bright side VGDC will begin our meets next Monday. We will meet every Monday and Thursday from 5:30-7:00 pm in Bruininks Hall, formerly STSS, 512B. The first few weeks will be easing into development with a mix of tutorials and jams.

Over the summer our website was updated and improved. Check it out. There are plans to add more content over the semester including news, articles, and forum posts. The calendar for the semester will be kept up to date during the semester and is accurate through the end of October.  If you joined from Explore U you should have a password reset email. Your username is your x500 but it can be changed.

To new members, the forums are filled with a bunch of useful information. Each category under Video Game Development has a sticky list with a list of resources to use and learn from. The transfer from our old website caused a lot of formatting problems and the forums still have a lot of issues. However, they will be fixed. Go ahead and contribute any interesting articles or resources you know in the forums or ask any questions you might have.

To old members, the transfer wiped every password and replaced them with random strings. You will need to put in a lost password request on the site. However, the current version of WordPress has a bug preventing lost password requests. At the moment we are tracking down the issue. For any returning members I can provide you with your random password if requested and will send another email once the issue is resolved.

Also as a reminder we have our Facebook page, our Twitter, and our Steam group that you can join or follow. Finally there will be a welcome party on the 24th with games and food to welcome new members and returning members. It will be the same time and location as the normal meetings.