Valve appears to be wanting to take over every season with sales and I don’t think we should stop them. The autumn sale on Steam is running from November 27th to December 3rd. Many games will be on sale for large discounts.

If you are familiar with how steam sales work, it is pretty much the same. For the unfamiliar, during this period most games on steam will be available at a discounted price. There will be a set of featured sales each day. At that time, the game will be at its lowest price during sale. Furthermore, they have flash sales every 8 hours that are also at the lowest possible price. Because of this, only purchase games if they are a daily deal or a flash sale, until the last day. If they do not have a bonus discount by then, they won’t be during this sale. So if you want it, get it then. Or you could wait until the Steam’s winter sale.

If you are a PC gamer or looking to get into PC gaming, prepare to sacrifice your wallet to Steam and enjoy the many great games that are available.