Today marks the end of proposals and voting and three games came out on top. They are Turn Key: Ignition, Ninja Love, and Breaker the Creator. These games will be the main focus of the club for the next semester or year. Here is a brief overview of the winners.

Turn Key: Ignition is a racing game in a 3D world with 2D sprites, similar to Mario Kart. You play as girl whose father was a racer before his death. After years of your mother preventing you from racing, you take up the mantle and become a racer. The game is open world with multiple races and pizza delivers to perform. With the money you make from missions, you can buy new and better cars. Or you could explore the world and find the collectibles that are available. Contact Cal Robinet at for more information.

Ninja Love is a dating sim about a Ninja whose falls out of a tree and suffers from amnesia. Throughout the game, he must regain his memories and ninja skills by dating women. There are three girls to woo and endings based on who loves you. There are also several mingames available to play in order to regain your ninja skills, such as a ninja star shooting gallery or Fruit Ninja style sword training. Contact Mai Yang at for more information.

Breaker the Creator is game where you play as a God who is a giant ball. You must bounce into clouds breakout style and destroy them, dropping seeds onto a planet that grow into many useful structures, such as trees that can shoot down clouds or a volcano that can launch the player in the air. Breaker also has the ability to turn the planet at will, allowing you to avoid crashing into your own structures or planning a strategic attack. Although mostly for relaxation, at one point, bombs come to destroy the planet. Contact Dane Schaleben-Boateng at for more information.

Either email the team leaders or talk to them during meetings to join a project of your choosing. In the coming weeks, we will find positions for everyone. Also, keep in mind that you can still work on games on the side, or get a small group working on something. These games are primarily here so that we can create something much bigger and better than we could individually, as well as to get you doing something you may have not done otherwise. I look forward to seeing the progress we will make on these games in the following months.