Valve made its final announcement today with the reveal of the Steam Controller.

The Steam controller is designed to work with all Steam games, past and present, by emulating keyboard and mouse input.

The device is quite different form the controllers on the Xbox or PlayStation. It feature two trackpads in place of analog sticks. These trackpads are clickable and its usability “approaches that of a desktop mouse”. There are dual linear resonant actuators that will provide haptic feedback to the player. There is a touch screen as well as 16 buttons on the controller as well. You can also share controller configurations online. If you want to take the controller apart and hack the thing, Valve has got you covered. It is designed for user modifications. These are some of the key feature of the Steam Controller.

What do you think of the announcements this week? We had the SteamOS, Steam Machines, and now the Steam Controller. Does Valve have what it takes to compete in the console market or will PC gamers stick to their PCs and console gamers stick to their favorite console?