It looks like if you purchased a Microsoft OS or Office license from the school and don’t graduate before June of 2014, your license will no longer be valid after then.rnrnStory straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Students can continue to use previously purchased Microsoft licenses through June 30, 2014. Pending further negotiations between the University and Microsoft for the term beyond June 30, 2014, students should be aware that they may need to uninstall Microsoft products purchased under the University license after June 30, 2014. Students that graduate on or before June 30, 2014 will maintain their licenses indefinitely. Students who have purchased extended access to their product key and image download through Kivuto will continue to have such access until their extended access expiration date. After that date, students can still find great discounts on these and many more Microsoft products directly from Microsoft.”

Personally, I have finally made the switch to Linux after having spent over 80 dollars in MS products through the U of M. Might I recommend Manjaro?

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